ALROSA started to test the underground drilling rig ZBO U15A

In November 2015 underground drilling rig ZBO U15A was successfully launched at one of the ALROSA’s mines where it has already drilled the first wells.
The machine was designed in close cooperation with ALROSA specialists. It will be used for technical, degassing and exploration drilling at the “Udachny” mine.
The drilling operations are implemented with high quality ZBO drill rods because of extremely harsh conditions in the mine: clay rocks and small fractured stones. Salt slurry and high water salinity make the work in the mine very complicated, provoking severe metal corrosion.
But all these issues were taken into consideration at the design stage of the ZBO U15A. Cylinders are protected by special covering that makes metal construction resistant to aggressive mine environments. Due to high probability of methane outburst in mine working the engine has explosion protection.
ZBO engineers work day and night with drill crews carrying out the training program. The field test results will be analyzed and applied in further modifications of ZBO underground rigs.

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