Drilling Rig ZBO U15A

ZBO U15 drilling rig designed for technological underground drilling down, up and under any angle fully replaces import analogs and compared to them has the following advantages:

  • modular explosion proof design for use in aggressive environments;
  • complex supply with a set of drilling tools;
  • service;
  • ZBO U15 price is lower than of similar imported models.

Due to compact size and power drilling rig can be used in limited space conditions. Modular design and several equipment options allow to use ZBO U15 also for exploration drilling.

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Technical specifications


Wireline core drilling
Wireline drill rod sizes TBSU rods are used
Wireline drill rod length, mm 1500
Drilling with roller cone bits without coring
with 244 mm diameter 10 m
with 190,5 mm diameter 40 m
with 132 mm diameter 300 m
with 112 mm diameter 500 m
DTH drilling without coring
with 195 mm diameter 40 m
with 130 mm diameter 300 m
with 110 mm diameter 500 m
Normative operating lifetime 3 years
Drilling angle, ° from -90 to +90
Drilling unit 3450х1050х1760 mm
Power unit 2250х1050х1660 mm
Control unit 545х645х1295 mm
Weight, kg
Drilling unit 2230
Power unit 1640
Control panel 220
Drilling unit
Feed force, kN 100
Pull-up force, kN 100
Feeding device 2-side telescopic hydraulic cylinder
Feeding length, m 1,8
Operating range of lafet, ° from -90 to +90
Rotary head
Rotary head type not passing through
Speed range, rpm 0-200
Maximum torque, Nm 4200
Clamping device
Type with one rotary section
Passage diametr, mm 243
Holding force, kg 147
Hook load at empty/full drum, kg 3000
Speed at empty/full drum, m/min 41,4/-
Cable diameter, mm 8
Cable length, m 10
Brakes brake valves
Power block
Drive type electric
Capacity, kW 75
Revolution, rpm up to 1500
Hydraulic system
Main pump with variable capacity
Operating pressure, bar up to 310
Auxiliary pump with variable capacity
Operating pressure, bar up to 310
Volume of the tank for the hydraulic fluid, l 175
Oil cooler Air
Drive type Hydraulic
Control unit
Control devices Manometers
Feed force +
Holding force +
Torque +
Pressure of the main pump +
Pressure of the auxiliary pump +
The supplier guarantees a proper performance under the operating and design conditions for a period of twelve (12) month reckoned from the dispatch of our premises or 2000 operating hours, whatever occurs first.



Underground Drilling Rig ZBO U15A