Drilling Rig ZBO U7

In 2017 ZBO Drill Industries, Inc. Research and Development management has launched the project of engineering  the underground electro-hydraulic drilling rig ZBO U7E.

New model extends the range of underground drilling rigs ZBO U product line and is an upgraded version of ZBO U7. The main control of a new electro-hydraulic drilling rig ZBO U7 comes from hydraulic distributors via electronic control channels. Most of the mechanisms are connected by an electric wire, which greatly simplifies the installation and quickens the setting and adjustment processes. Weight and dimensions are also significantly reduced.

Electro-hydraulic drilling rig ZBO U7E is designed for core drilling from the surface and in underground mines, vertical and inclined geological boreholes for exploration of solid minerals conducted by Wireline method (with removable core barrel).

The rig consists of three modules:

  • Drilling module;
  • Power module;
  • Control module.

Advantages of the drilling rig ZBO U7E:

Less amount of high pressure hoses and quick disconnect joints (more comfortable to assemble);

  • Smaller amount of hydraulic elements (reduced weight);
  • ZBO DrillControl System to control and register parameters;
  • Cheaper than foreign analogues;
  • Simplified setup of the rig (saves time on rig-up operations).

While designing the rig engineers and designers considered all requirements and wishes of our clients’ drilling specialists. As a result of this collaboration we got an optimal version of a new drilling rig ZBO U7E.

Now all Russian exploration and mining companies have the opportunity to use modern highly efficient domestic drilling equipment of fine quality!


Main winch is an in-house development of ZBO Drill Industries, Inc. It is designed for drilling string trips and retention.

Technical characteristics
Pull force 110 kN
Linear cable speed  36 m/min
Cable diameter 16 mm
Max. amount of cable layers 2
Max. cable length 38 m
Hydraulic motor:  Parker




ZBO DrillControl system registers and controls drilling parameters, was designed by in-house forces of ZBO. It shows real-time technical parameters of the drilling process on the screen, records and stores the data during the process. The stored data can be saved on USB flash drive.

ZBO DrillControl system registers following parameters:

  • frequency of rotation;
  • weight of the column;
  • bottomhole load;
  • flow and pressure of drilling mud;
  • diesel engine systems’ control
  • torque;
  • mechanical drilling speed;
  • deepening index;
  • drilling rig sensors’ control;
  • amount of fuel in the tank.

All values displayed on the screen are in metric units and in Russian.

This system allows to control drilling rig’s functioning and save data to prevent failures and analyze the causes of downtime.

In 2017 there was a transition to a new logical platform ZBO DrillControl, which has waterproof, diagnostic system of drilling rig and a diesel engine sensors.

Also we replaced control buttons — everything for your convenience!

We installed ZBO DrillControl on all our drilling rigs additionally to customary hydraulic controls.


Swing-aside clamping device is an in-house development of ZBO Dill Industries, Inc. Due to the action of gas spring its construction ensures retention of the string in case of no pressure in the hydraulic system, besides, it can work with big diameter pipes. The same type of clamping device is installed on the drilling rig ZBO S15.


Inside diameter          123 mm

Holding capacity        183 kN

Hydraulic cylinder pressure   200 bar




Wireline winch is an in-house development of ZBO Drill Industries, Inc. It is designed to run the removable core barrel in and out of the borehole with the help of аn overshot. Such winch is installed on the drilling rig ZBO S15.

Technical parameters

Equable spooling

Cable spooling device (additional option)

Cable line pull:

Empty drum 1.1 t (11 000 N)

Full drum 0.49 T (4 920 N)

Cable speed:

Empty drum 200 m/min

Full drum 405 m/min

Drum capacity 4.8mm stamped 1 500m

Note: cable length is stated while ordering



Double wall drill pipes TBDS-102 are designed for Reverse circulation (RC) method of drilling (RC). This method of drilling is applied to destruct rocks with hammer and transport cuttings sample to the surface with compressed air. Compressed air goes to the bottomhole in annulus of double wall drill pipes and raises the drilled rock (cuttings samples) by air flow via inner pipe to the surface.


  • Solid minerals exploration — cuttings sampling
  • In-mine exploration in open pit (drilling for blasting) — cuttings sampling
  • Drilling of big diameter boreholes
  • Drilling via mine roadway and unstable rocks

 Technical characteristics of double wall drill pipes TBDS-102

Description Outside pipe Inner pipe Connectors Length L, mm Weight, kg
Outer diameter, mm Wall thickness, mm Outer diameter, mm Wall thickness, mm Outer diameter, mm Tong slots width, mm Threading
TB 102 6,5 60 6,5 102 83 DR — 102 3000 75
TB 102 6,5 60 6,5 102 83 DR — 102 6000 145,6



  • Connector material – 30HGSA steel, hardness 26…32 HRC
  • Outside pipe – steel strength «L»,  GOST 631-75
  • Inner pipe –  steel strength «D», GOST 631-75

Advantages of reversed circulation:

  • No contamination of samples ensured by the absence of samples contact with borehole walls.
  • 100% samples collection is ensured by string configuration and applied rock cutting tool.
  • Rate of penetration is 3-4 and more times higher depending on geological section and the type of rock cutting tool compared to core drilling.
  • As a rule, operating costs are lower due to the ratio of tool price and its life and penetration rate.
  • Straightness of boreholes: values of borehole deviation are minimal as the borehole diameter is almost equal to the outer diameter of a drill string.
  • Constant air circulation: drill string construction ensures circulation and collecting of samples during drilling via voids, rock fracture zones, cavities and areas of water inflow.

ZBO U7 DRILLING RIG for high-speed diamond exploration wireline coring for solid minerals (wireline technology)


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Technical Specifications

Drilling depth capacity, m  sizes  sizes
 Rotary head A – N B – H
A (44,8 мм) 1315
B (55,6 мм) 795 795
N (69,9 мм) 645 645
H (89 мм) 440
Drilling azimuth angle, ° –90 … +90
Drilling angle, ° 360
Feed/Pull force, kN 65/65
Max torque, Nm 801 1249
Max rotation, rpm 1100 1100
Feed length, mm 850; 1800
Feed speed, m/s (max) 0,8 … 1
Module Dimensions (LxWxH), mm Weight, kg
Drilling unit 3180×1160×1700 1900
Power unit 1910×840×1380 1300
Control unit  980×990×1400 120