Our R&D Department launched an innovative project of an underground electro hydraulic drilling rig ZBO U7E development at 2017.

The new model expands the range of ZBO U-line and is an upgraded version of the ZBO U7. Control of the rig maintains by the electrohydraulic valves via electrical control channels. It significantly reduces the weight of the drilling rig, its dimensions and ensures quick start and fast readjustment.

ZBO U7E drilling rig is designed for core drilling from the surface and underground, for drilling of vertical and inclined exploration wells with wireline method.

It consists of three units:

    • Drilling unit;
    • Power unit;
    • Control unit.

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Advantages of ZBO U7E:

  • Easy installation because of fewer high-pressure hoses and couplings;
  • Reduced weight because of fewer hydraulic elements;
  • Easy control due to the installed system of parameters control and registration “ZBO Drill Control”;
  • Very competitive price;
  • Reduced time of commissioning operations.

During ZBO U7E design process, ZBO engineers and designers took into consideration all requirements of drilling experts among customers. As a result of this united brainstorming, we have got the optimal design for the new ZBO U7E drilling rig.

You are guaranteed to enjoy your experience while operating ZBO U7E.