Heavy series Steel Drill Pipes

Heavy series Steel Drill Pipes are used for drilling wells with diamond bits with diameters 76 mm in soils V-IX categories in drillability.

The nominal drilling depth according to the assembly of drill pipes can be 1200, 2000 or 3000 m.

Heavy series Steel Drill Pipes

Technical characteristics of Heavy series Steel Drill Pipes

Standard size Pipe Connector Length L, m Thread Torque, Nm (±5%)
External diameter D, mm Wall thickness t, mm External diameter D1, mm Internal diameter d, mm
HSDP-70 70 4.5 73 53 1.5-6.2 SPK-70  4000

Mechanical properties of pipes (at least)

Parameters Pipe (steel strength K) Pipe (steel 45) Connector (special steel)
Tensile strength, MPa 686 539 882
Yield strength, MPa 490 323 686
Elongation, % 12 16 15
Hardness HRC 26


  1. Mechanical properties of the drill pipe as well as for the weld seam.
  2. Mechanical properties of connectors indicated after the volumetric heat treatment.
  3. Surface hardness after heat treatment: pipe – not less 40 HRC, heat treated connector – not less 55 HRC.