Surface drilling rig ZBO S15 in extendible drill shack ZIMA S25 for solid minerals exploration Wireline drilling:
• Vertical and inclined boreholes with 45˚ — 90˚ drilling angle and drilling depth down to 1500m
• Cost of ZBO S15 is 30% lower than of similar imported models
• Built-in ZBO Drill Control system of access control and drilling parameters recording
• 24/7 service
• Fast delivery and no customs clearance, short tome of spare parts and components delivery
• Packaged delivery together with drilling tools
Mobile car-warehouse for pipes storing, carrying out minor repair and having meals. Can be joined to drill shack forming a single insulated facility for accelerating of down borehole trips.
Heat-insulated staff trailer for living in comfortable conditions, equipped with 4 bunks, refrigerator, shower, electric cooker.
Tank truck for transporting technical water, 5,5m3, on the base of Ural 4320 truck.
Tank for drilling mud circulation (sump), 6m3, can be heated in winter time.
Bulldozer DCT-Ural ТМ10.11 GCT9 with a straight dirt pile, hydroturning and a giant ripper for performing mining-preparatory works – arrangement of access roads and drilling sites on the field’s territory.
Mobile diesel generator of 32kW capacity to provide electricity.
Company’s repair and construction shop manufactures boxes for core storage in the required amount.
Drilling tongs, diamond rock-breaking tools and drilling fluids of leading manufacturers are in stock.
Fishing tools.
Drilling parameters control system ZBO Drill Control is an in-hose development of ZBO, it allows to display on the screen technological characteristics of drilling process in real-time mode, record them and store during the operation to be saved on USB-flash drive.
ZBO Drill Control system records following parameters:
• frequency of rotation;
• torque on the rotation head, Nm;
• rotation head revolutions, rpm;
• weight of the column, kN;
• bottomhole load, kN;
• deepening index, rpc.;
• drilling mud pressure, bar;
• fuel level in the tank, %;
• fuel consumption, l/min;
• engine speed, rpm;
• cooling fluid temperature, °С;
• hours of engine operating;
• battery voltage, V;
• oil pressure in the engine indication;
• engine errors indication;
• drilling rig sensors errors indication;
• measuring tools self-testing.
All data displayed on the monitor are in Russian and metric units.
This system allows to control drilling rig’s operation and save data to prevent failures and analyze reasons of downtime.
In 2017 a transition to new logical platform ZBO Drill Control was performed. It has protection from water, diagnostic system of drilling rig and diesel engine sensors.
What is more, we replaced control buttons — everything for your convenience!
We install ZBO Drill Control on all our drilling rigs additionally to customary hydraulic control.