Rotary Drilling Rig Prakla RB 65

The new mobile, multi-purpose RB 65 drilling rig with a maximum hook-load capacity of 630 kN (dynamic, i.e. incl. torque) proves to be yet another significant milestone in our constant quest to improve in this rig class.

Modern, electronically controlled, hydraulic piloting enables precise handling and supervision of all drilling operations. All the more, as this system allows the maximum adaptation in accordance to most recent international work-safety standards, such as the EN 16228. Drilling depths of 6,500 ft (2,000 m), or drilling diameters of up to 47” (1,200 mm) are now within your reach (depending on geology and employed drilling methods).

The following drilling methods are applicable (with respective accessories):

– Rotary drilling with direct circulation (mud or air medium)

– Rotary drilling with reverse circulation (mud or air medium)

– Wire-line core drilling

– Down-The-Hole hammer drilling

– Auger drilling

– Percussion core drilling

– Directional performance drilling

Drill Rig Prakla RB 65

Prakla RB 50