Rotary Drilling Rig Prakla RB-T 100

The drilling rig PRAKLA RB-T 100 is a hydraulic drive, fast moving, trailer-based deep drilling unit. It is fit for use of Range III drill pipes and Casings (14.5 m), and was designed and manufactured on the key principles:

  • Safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Efficiency
  • Reliablity
  • Quality

The drilling rig PRAKLA RB-T 100 can be applied with different drilling methods with drilling diameters from 4″ (108 mm) to 47″ (1500 mm) and drilling depths up to 2500 m (depending on drilling string design and geology):

  • Rotary-drilling with direct mud circulation (DC)
  • Rotary-drilling with reverse mud circulation (RC Air Lift)
  • DTH Hammer drilling
  • Dry drilling (Auger drilling)
  • Wireline Coring
  • Directional drilling

The PRAKLA RB-T 100 can be used for large-diameter wells, geothermal wells, exploration, drilling of rescue shafts and many more applications.

RB-T 100 Multipurpose Drilling Rig